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These 4 dogs were rescued from Asian meat markets. Ella, Lucille, Stripes and Cyril have all landed safely in Texas!


Trade of Shame Campaign to end dog meat trade


Amy Stanton is the Texas Director of Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue. Addicus saves hundreds of dogs each year from kill shelters around Texas. Amy felt the need to get involved with Soi Dog when she watched a video produced in 2014 that showed the atrocities that are taking place each day in Asia. In addition to the meat market dogs, Amy remains committed to saving as many dogs as possible from euthanasia in Texas with Philippa Scott, her rescue partner and founder of Addicus’ Legacy.

In Memory of Nala

Nala was a sweet and submissive girl that was saved off the trucks bound for the slaughterhouse in VietNam.
She was a quiet soul that kept to herself at the back of the crowded holding pens where she patiently waited for her ticket to freedom. She was so close to making it to the US with the other four Addicus dogs, but sadly she died waiting for her flight to the U.S.

For all the Nalas that suffer in silence without a voice in Asia, know that your spirit lives on in our work and our commitment to helping sweet souls like you find the life all dogs deserve.

You will live on in our hearts.